9 July 2007 was Jugal Kishore Mukherjee’s birthday and I had gone to see him for extending my warm and best wishes on the occasion. In the course of our brief talk, for about fifteen minutes, I asked him if I could get from him some idea about the details regarding the publication of Record of Yoga. He did it and immediately after that I wrote down what he had told me. The following is his account.

Record of Yoga—this has a long history. Sri Aurobindo was living in the Library House and he had all his papers there. When he shifted to the present place, after 24 November 1926, many of his papers yet remained back, in the Library House.


His room was later allotted to Anil Baran Roy. Anil Baran later noticed in it a heap of papers belonging to Sri Aurobindo, these still left behind perhaps without being cognizant of them. When he looked into some of these papers, he was stunned. He wrote to Sri Aurobindo who told him to send them all to him immediately. These papers were there in his Room for years and years, none being aware of them.


Much later Nirod, while taking decision about all the papers in Sri Aurobindo’s Room, handed them over to Nolini. But his eyesight had already become weak and he could not read them. His cataract operation was done much later.


One big bundle, thick, thick about one inch, he gave to me to read for him. He wanted to use my eyes. It was there with me for a long time. Amal somehow came to know about it and wanted me to show it to him. I refused, dodged in several ways. I wanted to be clear in my consciousness, and gave the packet back to Nolini.


At that time Nolini was not in a position to take care of the material he had with him. And there were all sorts of people coming to his room. His attendants of course had access to all things in his room and he had to be careful.


Under these conditions Nolini told Nirod to take that big bundle from his room back to Sri Aurobindo’s Room.


And what did he not write in it! I told it to Nolini and he said not to speak about it to anybody. For instance, an entry like this: A man will be there; he will have four thousand children, and he will die, and the mystery of death will be solved. A European lady will come and she will also die, and the mystery of death will be solved.


But did Nolini approve the publication of Record of Yoga?


He will never. This cheroot and all that—never. Manoj will not do it of his own.


He will not do without consulting Nolini or Nirod or you.


Nolini never wanted it to be published.


Then who approved it?


My understanding is something like this. Jayantilal must have come to know about these papers. The paper had become very faint and brittle. Nolini had agreed to have the contents typed, without taking a copy. This was done by Peter. The typed copy was checked against the original by Richard. It was checked twice.


But who approved the publication?


Jayantilal was a dummy. They have done it.